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    Daniel J. Boorstin.
    “ Some are born great, some achieve greatness,
    and some hire Public Relations Professionals.”
    James E. Grunig”
    “We believe PR should be practiced to
    serve the public interest, to develop mutual
    understanding between organizations and
    their publics.”
    “Logic will never change emotion or perception”
    Edward de Bono
    “Does anyone have any questions for my answers?”
  • Dedicated In-house 24/7
    Electronic Monitoring
    “Everything you do or say is public relations,
    and we monitor that for you.”

Our Services

  • Public Affairs

    Paradigme Public Affairs experts engage your stakeholders in order to explain organisational policies and views on public policy issues, assisting policy makers and legislators in amending or laying down better policy and legislation. We provide statistical and factual information and build an alliance on issues, which could impact upon your organisation's ability to operate successfully in challenging and complex environments in various parts

  • Media Relations

    Paradigme believes that media relations is one of those areas where perception and reality often collide. The common perception about media relations is that you knock out a press release, ship it to every journalist in your space, and bask in the coverage. The reality is somewhat less pleasant 43% of journalists never even read the releases they’re sent. How do you get around this gigantic obstacle to earning coverage? The secret is in the second half of the phrase: “relations”.

  • Crisis Management

    Every organization is vulnerable to crises. The days of playing ostrich are gone. You can play, but your stakeholders will not be understanding or forgiving and if you don't prepare, you will incur more damage.

    At ParadigmePR the basic steps of effective crisis communications are not complex, but they require advance work in order to minimize damage. The slower the response, the more damage is incurred. Therefore ParadigmePR follows its 8 golden principals of countering a crises situation.

    We remain proactive and prepare for crises on behalf of our clients and gather our clients Crisis Communications Team for intensive brainstorming sessions on all the potential crises that could occur at your organization.

  • Event Production
    We create profitable, high quality, business conferences that deliver conference delegates ready to engage with the products and services of your organisation. Our services encompass all aspects of event organisation.

Why chose us?

Why Us?

Whether with clients, media, colleagues or stakeholders, building strong relationships lies at the heart of what we do. We place great importance on developing and maintaining these.

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